Cylinder Tool Icon_PrimitiveShapes_Cylinder

Creates a cylinder


  1. Select Cylinder Tool

  2. Drag the mouse on a floor or an another polygon to draw a disk.

  3. Release LMB and move the mouse cursor in a normal direction to raise the height.

  4. Click LMB to stop raising.

  5. Type the count of edges in Segment field, radius in Radius field and height in Height field if necessary.

  6. Press SPACE to complete or Press ESC to cancel.


LMB Drag

Draws a disk.


Completes creating a cylinder


Cancels creating a cylinder.


Select Only Visible

If on, the shape can be built on only a visible polygon. Namely backfaced or occluded polygons are excluded.

Floor Height

The height of the floor where the primitive shape is built by LMB Dragging.


The count of side faces


A radius of a cylinder


A height of a cylinder

Angle Snap

When you drag the mouse with this property on, the disk’s direction will snap to every 90 degree.

Auto Smoothing

Creates smoothed surfaces which have a common smoothing group.

Border Check

If this is enabled, the ray cast will run and it checks if the created cylinder is beyond the other polygons. It might cause a stop for a second at the beginning.


The cylinder with this property enabled will be glued to the polygon where it started to be created. It means that the hidden part of the floor polygon by the created cylinder is removed.


Cylinder on the floor.


Cylinder on the other polygon.