Eraser Tool Icon_Remove_Eraser

There are two modes of deleting elements. One is Immediate Mode and the other is Edit Mode.

  • Immediate Mode - Select elements at first and then click on Eraser button to remove them.

  • Edit Mode - Select Eraser Tool first with no selected elements and then click on an edge which you want to remove.


Edit Mode isn’t available in the Lite version.

When you try to erase an edge shared by two coplanar polygons, only the edge will be removed and the two shared polygons will be merged. Otherwise, the two polygons will be removed, too.

In a case of a vertex, all the polygons sharing the vertex will be removed. If it is a polygon, only the polygon will be taken away.

UModeler_Eraser_0 UModeler_Eraser_1

Immediate Mode - Click on Eraser button after selecting several elements.

UModeler_Eraser_2 UModeler_Eraser_3

Edit Mode - At fist enter Eraser Tool and then click on an edge.


As of UModeler 2.7.25, the ability to erase shared edges of two adjacent triangles that are not on the same plane has been added. The usage is the same as how to erase the existing edge.