UModeler is a ultimate and intuitive modeling extension that is available on Unity Editor. You can draw 2D shapes on any polygons in easy ways and turn them into 3D shapes intuitively.

Moreover UModeler has also adopted useful features of popular DCC tools like Max and Blender etc to empower you to create complicated and rich mesh assets as well as game levels easily and quickly without any help of the external DCC tools.



UModeler Layout

[1] Working Area
Editing meshes.

[2] UModeler Inspector


UModeler Inspector - Header and Settings

UModeler Ver 2.xx - Opens the About dialog box.
Close - Disables UModeler for the current object.

Closes and Opens UModeler component. With Closing state UModeler’s behaviour and visualization are like the normal game object. You can open UModeler tool whenever you want to edit it.

Settings regarding Display, Gizmo and Snap.

UModeler Inspector - Search EditBox and Tools

Search EditBox
Searches for a specific tool. This edit box can be activated by pressing ENTER in the scene view or inspector.

Search Edit Box demo

Tools and Properties
A set of Tools and Properties
[3] Status HUD
Information of UModeler mesh
[4] Input Viewer
Viewing which keyboard and mouse buttons are pressed.
[5] Gizmos
Selecting a gizmo among Translate, Rotate and Scale.
[6] Coordinate Frame
Selecting a coordinate frame of both Global and Local.
[7] UV Editor
The area for editing UVs.

User Interface

SPACE Confirms the current action.
ESC Cancels the current function or Exit the current tool.
ENTER Enables Search Edit Box.
CTRL + Z Undo
CTRL + Y Redo
W Translation Gizmo
E Rotation Gizmo
R Scale Gizmo
LMB Selects or moves several elements.
LMB Drag Selects or moves several elements.
SHIFT + LMB or LMB Drag Special action depending on the current tool
CTRL + LMB or LMB Drag Special action depending on the current tool

LMB - Left Mouse Button CTRL - Control Key