Line Tool Icon_Drawing_Line

You can draw edges on a surface or on a floor in a row to sketch or cut out a polygon


  1. Select Line Tool under Drawing Group.

  2. Click LMB on where you want to start to draw.

  3. Click LMB to place another point to draw an edge.

  4. You can draw successive edges by putting points until pressing SPACE.

  5. If you want to go back to the previous point, Press ESC.


When you move the cursor, you’ll notice that it will be snapped and its color will change according to where it is.

  • At an edge - green

  • The center of an edge - yellow

  • At a vertex - orange

  • At the starting point - sky blue

  • When aligned with one of x,y,z of a drawn vertex - pink

  • Parallel with any of the global axes - blue


Select Only Visible

If on, the shape can be built on only a visible polygon. Namely backfaced or occluded polygons are excluded.

Floor Height

The height of the floor where the primitive shape is built by LMB Dragging.


Places a point


Confirms the drawn edges.

Holding CTRL

Disables the cursor snap.


Cancels the previous point.


When you place several points and click on the first point, the new polygon will be created. If you do this on the existing polygon, it’ll make a hole and generate a polygon inside the hole. If you move the cursor close to the first point, its color will change to sky blue.


If drawing a line starts on an edge in a polygon and it will end at the same edge or the other edge in the same polygon, this will split the polygon into two.