Toolbar, Settings and Preference


Scene view.

The top of the scene view consists of several icon buttons. They are divided into two parts as below.


The first part has Vertex/Edge/Polygon/Object tool buttons - These are explained in the other page.


The second part consists of New UModeler object tool, Settings and 3D Cursor. We’ll cover only them here.


New UModeler Object

When you click on this button, a new empty UModeler object will be created in a scene. At first you can fill it with primitives shapes and 2D polygons using the tools in Primitive Shapes group and Drawing group.


3D Cursor

When this is on, 3D cursor is activated and displayed on the scene view. The pivot of roatation and scaling is the 3D cursor position at this time. And the cursor can move along X,Y or Z axis with the move tool over the cursor. If the cursor passes nearby a vertex, it will be snapped to the vertex. If you press LMB holding CTRL and SHIFT, the cursor will move to the cursor position at once. If the mouse cursor is over a UModeler mesh then, the 3D cursor will move to a picked position on the mesh.



Lastly we’ll take a look at Settings

Seamless Edit

Selects the UModeler object under the mouse cursor every time the mouse moves to edit UModeler objects seamlessly. The object set affected by this mode is decided according to which category is chosen.

  • Single : Only the selected object is a subject to be edited.
  • All : All the UModeler objects in a scene are subjects to be edited.
  • Group : All the UModeler objects under the identical root object are subjects to be edited.


You can disable Seamless Edit holding SHIFT while moving the mouse.
Text Based Menu
Turns on and off the text based menu. It is same as Text Based Menu in the popup menu brought up by RMB on the menu panel.


Here are the settings related to grid and rotation snapping.

Enables snapping
Popular Grid Size
Most used grid sizes
Grid Size
Custom grid size
Rotation Snap Size
Most used rotation snap sizes


Here are the settings about displaying information which helps modeling.

Displays triangulated polygons. They are fed to the renderer in order to be rendered.
Shows the UModeler status in the inspector such as Total selected element count, total polygon count and total triangle count.
Displays UModeler commentary at the bottom on the left. You can check what key is pressed and which tool is selected etc through this.
Global Overlay
Displays width, depth and height of the bound box of the selected UModeler mesh.
Local Overlay
Displays specific values of the current tool. eg. How long the polygon is pushed or pulled in PushPull tool


You can set shortcuts and general settings of UModeler in UModeler Preferences window to which you can go through Tools > UModeler > Preferences in the top menu.


UModeler Preference.

Detailed Tooltip
Enables very detailed tooltip of each tool. If you feel the tooltip occupies much space, you can turn it off.
Lightmap by Default
When this is on, the lighting method of every new created UModeler object will be the lightmap.
Display Polygon Preselection
When this is on, a polygon under the mouse is highlighted.