UModeler Settings

Seamless Edit

Selects the UModeler object under the mouse cursor every time the mouse moves. The set affected by this mode is decided according to which category is chosen.

  • Single : Only the selected object is a subject to be edited.
  • All : All the UModeler objects in a scene are subjects to be edited.
  • Group : All the UModeler objects under the identical root object are subjects to be edited.


You can disable Seamless Edit holding SHIFT while moving the mouse.

Seamless Edit Demo


Displays triangle polygons.
Status HUD
Shows UModeler status in the scene view.
Input Viewer
Shows Input Viewer in the scene view.


Since Ver 2.2 Input Viewer has been deprecated.

Global Ruler
Displays Global Ruler.
Local Ruler
Display Local Ruler.
Use 3D Cursor (Formerly called Cursor)
Shows and enables 3D cursor. It can be moved by manipulating a translation gizmo and you can move it to whatever vertex you want by Ctrl+Shift+LMB.


One of gizmo types(Translate, Rotate and Scale)
One Coordinate Frame types(Global, Local)



Grid Snapping

Enables snapping
Popular Grid Size
Many used grid sizes
Grid Size
Custom grid size
Rotation Snap Size
Many used rotation snap sizes


You can set shortcuts and general settings of UModeler in Unity Preferences window to which you can go through Edit > Preferences as follows.


UModeler Preferences.