Combine Tool

Combine Vertices Tool Icon_Remove_CombineVertices

Merges all the selected vertices in one unique one. The location of the surviving vertex can be chosen before executing this tool.


If you select Combine Tool with no selected vertices, you will enter Combine Vertex mode. In this mode you can selected vertices and set up some options and combine them.
However, if you click on Combine button with some vertices selected, the combine action will happen immediately.



Combines the selected vertices.


Select Only Visible

If on, Selects only visible vertices/edges/polygons from a camera. Occluded elements from other polygons will not be selected. This is available only when the game object has MeshCollider component.

Combine Type
  • First - Places the remaining vertex at the location of the first one selected.

  • Last - Places the remaining vertex at the location of the last one selected.

  • Center - Places the remaining vertex at the center of the selected vertices.


It may let alive more than one vertex. In fact, you will have as many remaining vertices as you had islands of selection (i.e. groups of linked selected vertices). The remaining vertices will be positioned at the center of their respective islands.

Combine Vertices

Click on this button to combine the selected vertices.


Two groups of vertices are selected.


With Collapse property off, all the selected vertices will be merged to one vertex.


On the other hand with Collapse property on, the vertices will be merged to two.

Combine Polygon Tool Icon_Remove_CombinePolygons

Merges adjacent and coplanar polygons into a polygon by selecting several polygons and clicking on Combine button.

UModeler_CombinePolygons_0 UModeler_CombinePolygons_1

All adjacent and coplanar polygons are combined.

Combine Object Tool Icon_Remove_CombineObjects

Combines the selected game objects with UModeler component to be an object by selecting several game objects and clicking on Combine button.


Merges the selected objects.