Bridge Tool Icon_Add_BridgeVertices Icon_Add_BridgeEdges Icon_Add_BridgePolygons

Fills space surrounded by the selected elements. The selection conditions to apply Bridge are as follows.

  • More than three vertices are selected.

  • Two unconnected edges are selected.

  • More than two connected edges are selected.

  • More than two polygons are selected.


  1. Select vertices/edges/polygons using VertexTool, EdgeTool or PolygonTool.

  2. Select Bridge tool.

Vertices_0 Vertices_1

Select vertices. The order of selecting them is important. Click on the Bridge Vertices Tool (Icon_Add_BridgeVertices) button to create a polygon from the vertices.

Edges_0 Edges_1

Select two edges which are apart from each other and go to Bridge Edges Tool (Icon_Add_BridgeEdges).

HoleEdges_0 HoleEdges_1

The linked selected edges will create a polygon with Bridge Edges Tool (Icon_Add_BridgeEdges).

Polygons_0 Polygons_1

In case that Several polygons are selected Bridge Polygons Tool (Icon_Add_BridgePolygons) makes polygons between edges of them.