Loop Slice Tool Icon_Add_LoopSlice

Loop Slice splits a loop of faces by inserting new edge loops intersecting the chosen edge.


  1. Select Loop SliceTool.

  2. Move the cursor over a desired edge

  3. Scroll Wheel of the mouse to increase or decrease the number of edge loops.

  4. Drag the mouse to changes the offset of the edge loops.

  5. Release LMB to finish.


LMB Drag

Moves the edge loops.

Scroll Wheel

Increases or decreases the number of edge loop.

Ctrl + Wheel

Adjusts the Pinch

Moving the mouse holding CTRL

Keeps the current loop. The loop shape does not change when the mouse cursor moves close to another edge.


Split Number

The number of the edge loop. (LMB Drag)


Anchors the center of the entire loop and moves the loop in both ends. (CTRL + Wheel)


Moves the entire loop in a direction perpendicular to the loop. (LMB Drag)


Pinch and Offset properties aren’t available in the Lite version.


When the cursor gets close to a long edge, a preview of a edge loop across the cylinder will be displayed.


Increases the number of the edge loop by rolling up the wheel.


The mouse drag moves the edge loops up and down and the cylinder cuts after releasing the mouse.


Pinch changes by Ctrl + Whell.