Material Tool Icon_Surface_Material

Adds and assigns materials to the polygons.



  1. Select Material Tool.

  2. Select polygons where you want to assign a material if no polygon is selected.

  3. If Materials doesn’t have a material you want, add a new material slot by clicking Add Slot button at the end of the properties to open the material box and select one.

  4. Press Alt + n shorcut or Click on Alt + n or A button in the slot. It’ll assign the material in the slot to the selected polygons.

  5. Click LMB holding SHIFT over a polygon to which you want to assign the current material.


Alt + 0 ~ Alt + 9 shortcuts work in other tools as well so you don’t need to enter Material tool if you use Alt + n shortcuts to assign a material.



Selects a polygon.


Assigns Mat ID to a polygon where the mouse cursor points.

LMB Drag

Selects polygons in a rectangle drawn by dragging.


Select Only Visible

If on, Selects only visible vertices/edges/polygons from a camera. Occluded elements from other polygons will not be selected. This is available only when the game object has MeshCollider component.

Add Slot

Adds a new material slot.

Copy Materials

Stores materials in the current Object in order to paste them to another object.

Paste Materials

Pastes the stored materials in the clipboard.

UIs of Material Slot

Texture Button

Selects a slot.

Alt + n or A (Assign)

Assigns the Mat ID to the selected polygons.

S (Select polygons)

Selects polygons having the Mat ID.

Minus - (Remove a Slot)

Removes a slot at which the mouse cursor points.

Material Box

Selects a material.

UModeler_Material_0 UModeler_Material_1

Two polygons are selected (Left image) and a metal material is assigned there (Right image).