Material Tool Icon_Surface_Material

Adds and assigns materials to the polygons.



  1. Select Material Tool.

  2. Select polygons where you want to assign a material if no polygon is selected.

  3. If Materials doesn’t have a material you want, add a new material slot by clicking Add Slot button at the end of the properties to open the material box and select one.

  4. Press Alt + n shorcut or Click on Alt + n or A button in the slot. It’ll assign the material in the slot to the selected polygons.

  5. Click LMB holding SHIFT over a polygon to which you want to assign the current material.


Alt + 0 ~ Alt + 9 shortcuts work in other tools as well so you don’t need to enter Material tool if you use Alt + n shortcuts to assign a material.



Selects a polygon.


Assigns Mat ID to a polygon where the mouse cursor points.

LMB Drag

Selects polygons in a rectangle drawn by dragging.


Select Only Visible

If on, Selects only visible vertices/edges/polygons from a camera. Occluded elements from other polygons will not be selected. This is available only when the game object has MeshCollider component.

Add Slot

Adds a new material slot.

UIs of Material Slot

Texture Button

Selects a slot.

Alt + n or A (Assign)

Assigns the Mat ID to the selected polygons.

S (Select polygons)

Selects polygons having the Mat ID.

Minus - (Remove a Slot)

Removes a slot at which the mouse cursor points.

Material Box

Selects a material.

UModeler_Material_0 UModeler_Material_1

Two polygons are selected (Left image) and a metal material is assigned there (Right image).