Loop Selection Tool

Edge Loop Icon_Selection_LoopSelectEdge

Selects a loop of edges that are connected in a line end to end.

UModeler_EdgeLoop_0 UModeler_EdgeLoop_1

Hole Selection Icon_Selection_LoopSelectEdge

If the selected edge is a part of a hole, all the edges of the holes will be selected.

UModeler_HoleLoop_0 UModeler_HoleLoop_1

Quad Loop Icon_Selection_LoopSelectPolygon

Serial quad polygons across a mesh will be selected in a direction of the first two selected quads.

UModeler_PolygonLoop_0 UModeler_PolygonLoop_1


  1. Select an edge if you want Edge Loops or Hole Selection. Select two series quad polygons if you want Quad Loops.

  2. Select Loop Tool.