UV Tool Icon_Surface_UV

Sets UV parameters such as Shift, Scale and Rotation etc to each polygon.


UV Tool doesn’t affect unwrapped polygons.



  1. Select UV Tool.

  2. Select polygons like you did in Polygon tool if no polygon is selected.

  3. Adjust Shift, Scale and Rotation properties in Properties.

  4. Or transform UVs of polygons using Move, Rotate, Scale Tools

UModeler_UV_MoveTool UModeler_UV_RotateTool UModeler_UV_ScaleTool

Direct Move, Rotate and Scale of UVs using Move, Rotate and Scale tools. They are switched among them by clicking on the tool bar buttons in the properties or pressing W, E, R on keyboard.



Enables Move tool. The shortcut is W


Enables Rotate tool. The shortcut is E


Enables Scale tool. The shortcut is R

Hide Overlay

Hides polygon selection overlays to see the selected polygons’ textures more clearly.

Select Only Visible

If on, Selects only visible vertices/edges/polygons from a camera. Occluded elements from other polygons will not be selected. This is available only when the game object has MeshCollider component.


Shift of UVs


Rotation of UVs


Scale of UVs


Runs the tiling according X and Y properties next to this.


Changes texture tiling on selected surfaces in the X direction.


Changes texture tiling on selected surfaces in the Y direction.

Fit UVs

Fits the UVs into (0,1) in each of the selected polygons.

Reset UVs

Resets the UVs of the selected polygons to make them initial UVs.

Open UVEditor

Opens UV Editor window.

UModeler_UV_0 UModeler_UV_1

Applied (0.5,0.5) as a scane and 30 degrees as a rotation to 1m x 1m Sqaure.