Rectangle Tool Icon_Drawing_Rectangle

Draws a rectangle by dragging the mouse to set two corners.


  1. Go to Rectangle Tool under Primitive Shapes.

  2. Drag a mouse to set two corner points on any plane.

  3. Release LMB.

  4. If necessary, adjust Width, Height or Corner Length properties.

  5. Press SPACE to confirm the rectangle. If you want to cancel the rectangle, Press ESC.


LMB Drag

Draws a rectangle.


Confirms the rectangle.


Cancels the rectangle.


Select Only Visible

If on, the shape can be built on only a visible polygon. Namely backfaced or occluded polygons are excluded.

Floor Height

The height of the floor where the primitive shape is built by LMB Dragging.


The width of the rectangle. Displayed on the blue overlay.


The depth of the rectangle. Displayed on the red overlay.

Corner Length

The length of the rounded corners. The rounded corners are only applied as this is more than 0.0.

Corner Segments

The segment number of the corner.


Normal rectangle as Corner Length property is zero.


Round rectangle as Corner Length property is over zero.