Arc Tool Icon_Drawing_Arc

Draws an arc by clicking twice on two points and dragging the mouse. The way of the cursor snapping and the change of it is same as how the line tool works. You can split or create a polygon as the line tool, or make just a curve.


  1. Select Arc Tool

  2. Click on where you want to start to draw an arc

  3. Drag the mouse to set the second point.

  4. Release LMB and move the mouse cursor to set the third point of the arc.

  5. If necessary, adjust Segment property in the inspector.

  6. Press SPACE to complete drawing the arc or if you want to cancel the arc, press ESC.


LMB Drag

Sets the first and second points.


Completes drawing an arc.


Cancels drawing an arc.


Select Only Visible

If on, the shape can be built on only a visible polygon. Namely backfaced or occluded polygons are excluded.

Floor Height

The height of the floor where the primitive shape is built by LMB Dragging.


How many edges an arc will have.


When Close property is enabled, the first and last vertices will be connected to create a closed form.


Dividing a polygon into two.


Drawing another an edge beginning at the end of the drawn edge.


Creating a new polygon (Close property is on)