Disk Tool Icon_Drawing_Disk

Draws a disk by setting a center and a radius.


  1. Select Disk Tool

  2. Drag the mouse to draw a disk by setting a center and a radius of a disk.

  3. You can type more precise radius and the number of segment in Radius and Segment fields in Properties.

  4. Press SPACE to complete or Press ESC to cancel.


LMB Drag

Draws a disk


Completes drawing a disk


Cancels drawing a disk


Select Only Visible

If on, the shape can be built on only a visible polygon. Namely backfaced or occluded polygons are excluded.

Floor Height

The height of the floor where the primitive shape is built by LMB Dragging.


The number of edges


Radius of a disk

Angle Snap

When you drag the mouse with this property on, the disk’s direction will snap to every 90 degree time.


A disk made on a floor.