Bevel Tool Icon_Add_Bevel

The bevel tool allows you to create chamfered or rounded corners to geometry. A bevel is an effect that smooths out edges and corners.

Vertices, Edges or Polygons have to be selected before selecting BevelTool and then change the properties described below in the inspector.


  1. Select Vertex(s), edge(s) or polygon(s) with VertexTool, EdgeTool, or PolygonTool.

  2. Adjust Width, Segments or Profile value in Properties.



The width of the bevel polygon.


The number of segments. The greater the number of segments, the smoother the bevel.


The side view of the bevel edge. This is between 0 and 1. 0.5 is completely flat. Values less than 0.5 gives concave bevel and values more than 0.5 gives convex bevel.

Clamp Overlap

When selected, the bevel amount isn’t allowed to go larger than an amount that causes overlapping collisions with other geometry.

VertexBevel_0 VertexBevel_1

Vertex Beveling.

EdgeBevel_0 EdgeBevel_1

Edge Beveling

PolygonBevel_0 PolygonBevel_1

Polygon Beveling