Inset Tool Icon_Add_Inset

This tool creates a slightly smaller or bigger polygon of the selected one.

Move the cursor over a desired polygon and start to drag a mouse. Then you’ll see that the polygon outline will be bigger or smaller. Release LMB to be done. Try to change the properties in the inspector if necessary. And press SPACE to confirm.

Multiple Inset

If several polygons are already selected when Inset Tool is activated, Inset will be applied to them at once.

Repeat the previous

SHIFT + LMB on a desired polygon repeats the previous inset.

Steps - Single Inset

  1. Select Inset Tool with no selection.

  2. Click on a polygon you want to apply Inset to.

  3. Drag the cursor to define thickness.

  4. Release LMB

  5. Adjust Thickness properties if necessary

  6. Press SPACE or start another inset action to confirm.

Steps - Multiple Inset

  1. Select Inset Tool with some polygons selected using Polygon Tool.

  2. Start to drag the mouse from a polygon or adjust Thickness property directly.

  3. If necessary, adjust Thickness property in Properties to give the precise value.

  4. Press SPACE to complete or Press ESC to cancel.


LMB Drag

Creates an inset of the selected polygon.


Duplicates the previous inset.


Confirms the current inset.


Cancels the current inset or exit Inset tool.



How smaller or bigger the polygon is. This is the distance between the starting point and the current point.

Type (for Multiple Inset)
  • Individual - Each selected face is inset on its own.

  • Group - Inset Tool operates on the region around selected faces

Bridge Edges

Links corresponding edges between the original polygon and the inset polygon.


Single Inset.


Multi Inset - Three polygons are selected.


Multi Inset - as Type property is Individual


Multi Inset - as Type property is Group