Mirror Tool Icon_Add_Mirror

Mirrors a mesh along its local X,Y or Z Axes. When the mirror mode is enabled, every change will be reflected to the other side each time the mesh is modified.

Steps - Start Mirror Mode

  1. Select Mirror Tool.

  2. Adjust Axis, Distance and Invert properties to set the mirror plane.

  3. Click on Start button.


You can move the mirror plane by dragging the arrow or clicking a vertex.

Steps - Confirm

  1. Select MirrorTool.

  2. If you want to leave a boundary between the original part and the mirrored part, check Leave Boundary property.



Plane mirror axis


Inverts the direction of the plane mirror.


The distance of the plane mirror

How to deal with the boundary edges between the edited part and the mirrored part.
  • Remove : Removes the boundary edges.

  • Remain : Remains the boundary edges.

  • Ignore : Ignores the polygons across boundary edges as mirroring is done.


Starts the mirror mode.


Finishes the mirror mode.


Sets the Mirror Plane


Starts the mirror mode.


Fininsh the mirro mode.