Smoothing Group Tool Icon_Surface_SmoothingGroup

Manages smoothing groups for smooth shading.


Smoothing Group Tool Properties


  1. Select Smoothing Group tool.

  2. Select polygons with which you want to make a new smoothing group.

  3. Click on Add Slot Group button in Properties to add a new smoothing group.

  4. Type a smoothing group name in Group Name in Properties.

Steps - Auto Smooth

  1. Select Smoothing Group tool.

  2. Select polygons you want to include for Auto Smooth.

  3. Fill Angle property out with the specific angle.

  4. Click on Auto Smooth button


Select Only Visible

Selects only visible vertices/edges/polygons from a camera. Occluded elements from other polygons will not be selected. This is available only when the game object has MeshCollider component.


The threshold angle for Auto Smooth.

Auto Smooth

Runs Auto Smooth from the selected polygons based on the value in Angle property.

Auto Smooth sets the smoothing groups based on the angle between faces. Any two adjacent faces are put in the same smoothing group if the angle between their normals is less than the value in Angle property.

Add Slot

Adds a new smoothing group slot from the current selected polygons.

Slot Properties


Smoothing Group Slot

Number - 1

The number of the slot. Selects this slot.

Group Name - 2

The current smoothing group name

Polygon Count - 3

The polygon count in the current smoothing group.

Remove Group - 4

Removes the current smoothing group.

Select Polygons - 5

Selects polygons in the current smoothing group.

Add Polygons - 6

Adds the selected polygons to the current smoothing group.

Remove Polygons - 7

Gets rid of the selected polygons from the current smoothing group.


A sphere mesh before applying a smoothing group


Adds a column of polygons to a smoothing group.


The polygons are shaded smoothly.


A cylinder before applying the smoothing group.


Applies the auto smooth after selecting all polygons of the cylinder.


3 smoothing groups are created - top polygon, bottom polygon and side polygons.