UModeler 2018


Version 2.3

  • Enhancement : Makes it possible to spawn a new primitive shape at a 3d cursor position by clicking on the one-click button

  • Enhancement : 3D cursor - Enables to position 3D cursor everywhere by SHIFT+CTRL+LMB - in the air, on any position of a polygon and at a vertex

  • Enhancement : Enableing Edge Loop to be selected by LMB double click.

  • Enhancement : Added All UModeler object selection to the All/None Select tool.

  • Enhancement : Automatic syncs between Generate Lightmap UVs param in the Local Settings Tool and Lightmap Static variable in MeshRenderer

  • BugFix : Serialization errors - null reference exception

  • BugFix : Applied rich text to the icons’ tooltips in the toolbar and menu window.

  • BugFix : Wrong rectangle selection of vertex/edge/polygon, and display of overlay numbers in the scaled scene view.

  • BugFix : Not displaying all tools in the shortcut setting in Preference.

  • BugFix : Made a clone outline clearer by giving more offset in the clone normal direction.


  • BugFix : Fixed missing textures after UModelerizing.


  • BugFix : Fixed leaving Vertex/polygon selection blue boxes even after deleting the UModeler object.

  • BugFix : Fixed not displaying “Confirm” and “Cancel” button after doing an action for creating primitive shapes due to not repainting the area of the properties.

Version 2.2.3

  • Feature : Added the One-Click Build feature to Rectange, Disk, Box, Room, Stair, Cylinder, Cone, Spiral Stair, Sphere and Capsule tools.

  • Enhancement : Allowed the 3D cursor to move to the center of a polygon under the mouse cursor by CTRL+SHIFT+RMB.

  • Enhancement : Added “Confirm” and “Cancel” buttons as necessary in the Properties.

  • BugFix : Enabled z-test of the transparent selection polygon displayed on the selected polygons, and resolved z-fighting issue.

  • BugFix : Reverting the changes done just before pressing Play button.

Version 2.2.2

  • Feature : Added Spiral Stair Tool

  • BugFix : Line Tool - Disappearance of a part of a line drawn across a polygon more than twice

  • BugFix : The mesh out of UModeler disappeared while the camera is near it due to a incorrect bound box.

  • Enhancement : Enabled the text based menu to be displayed on the separate menu window like Icon based Menu.

  • Enhancement : Reduced the flickering of outlines of UModeler mesh.

Version 2.2.1

  • BugFix : Vertex/Edge/Polygon Tools - Adding multiple selections by dragging LMB holding CTRL

  • BugFix : Line Tool - Cutting a polygon by a new edge between another existing two edges.

  • BugFix : Line Tool - Wrong shape of polygon when connecting the last point to the first point.

  • BugFix : UModelerize - Fixed UModelerization failure.

  • BugFix : Remove Doubles - Immediate update of blue vertex boxes for selection.

  • BugFix : UI of the inspector - Fixed blocking key inputs in a parameter editor box.

  • Change : Adding the popup menu for selecting menu mode in both the UV Editor and the inspector window.

Version 2.2.0


  • Change : Replaced Tools and Settings foldout arrows with Toolbar UI in the inspector.

  • Change : Changed Transform group name into Elements.

  • Change : Moved Pivot Tool from Transform group to Tweak group.

  • Change : Disabled the Local Ruler display of the selected elements.

  • Change : Snap Tool has been renamed to Snap Move Tool and moved from Transform grooup to Tweak group.

  • Change : 3D Cursor Tool has been removed. Instead 3D cursor can be enabled via Settings and it can be positioned anytime.

  • Change : Removed Cursor As Pivot property in Vertex/Edge/Polygon Tools. Instead just enabling 3D Cursor in Settings does it.

  • Change : Help button has been replaced with ? button in the inspector.

  • Change : Renamed Invert Face Tool into Flip Tool.

  • Change : Renamed Flip Tool into Axis Flip Tool.

  • Change : Moved UModeler status box displayed on Scene view to the inspector.

  • Change : Disabled Input Viewer which will be replaed with Commentary Box

  • Change : Moved Open UVEditor button from Surface Group into UV Tool property.

  • Change : Removed Polygon group button and list in UModeler status. They are only availabe within Polygon Group Tool.

  • Enhancement : Improved a way of positioning 3D Cursor by Ctrl+Shift+LMB on a vertex.

  • Enhancement : Auto snapping 3D Cursor to the cloeset UV vertex.

  • Enhancement : Align Tool - Replacing Axis/Location combo boxes with Toolbar buttons.

  • Enhancement : Boolean Tool - Revealed each boolean operation as tools in the inspector.

  • Enhancement : Pivot Tool - Enhanced a way of setting a pivot. 3D Cursor position will be the pivot as soon as selecting Pivot Tool.

  • BugFix : Clone Tool - Fixed invisible polygon outlines along a line while dragging LMB.

  • BugFix : Eraser Tool - Fixed incorrect edge removal on a quad of a cube which is converted from a Unity primitive cube.

  • BugFix : Fixed wrong directions and positions of gizmos after rotating or scaling an object.

  • BugFix : Fixed wrong positions of vertex/polygon boxes used for selecting vertex/polygon.

  • BugFix : Fixed a shared mesh after duplicating a UModeler object.

  • BugFix : Fixed replacing Unity primitive shape mesh with UModeler mesh after UModelerizing.

  • BugFix : Multi PushPull Tool - Fixed former polygons disappearance when one step pushpull is done just after pushpull by dragging an arrow

  • BugFix : Fixed Duplicated Cancel action triggered by pressing ESC while selecting Vertex/Edge/Polygon.

UV Editor

  • Feature : Added Packing Tool.

  • Feature : Added Fit Tool.

  • Feature : Renamed Collapse Tool to Weld Tool and divided it into Weld to First, Weld to Ave and Weld to Last.

  • Enhancement : Auto snapping Cross Cursor to the cloeset UV vertex.

  • Enhancement : Improved the whole performance.

  • Change : Make Island Tool has been renamed to Detach Tool.

  • Change : Sew Group and Break Merge Group has been merged and the merged group has been named Weld and Break.

New UI System


New Menu System - Switchable between Text based and Icon based by clicking T toggle in the inspector.

  • Feature : New Menu System (Icon and Context based). This can be enabled by toggling T off in the inspector.

  • Feature : Commentary Box - Can be enabled/disabled via Settings.

  • Feature : Added T toggle to the top of the inspector to switch the menu between Text-based and Icon-based

  • Feature : Added F toggle next to T toggle to make the menu dockable and floatable.

  • Feature : Placed Vertex/Edge/Polygon Tools icons on the top-center of the scene view.

  • Feature : Placed Settings icon and 3D Cursor icon next to Vertex/Edge/Polygon tool icons on the scene view. They can be toggled on and off.

  • Change : Added UModeler Window to the top menu.

Version 2.1.1

  • Feature : Edge/Polygon Tranform - Added Extrusion fuctions holding SHIFT.

  • Enhancement : Vertex/Edge/Polygon Selection - Added Select only visible property to selects non occluded elements from a camera. (See this)

  • Enhancement : Multi PushPull - Changed a helper line to an arrow.

  • Enhancement : Multi PushPull - Added One step push/pull.

  • Enhancement : Multi PushPull - Added Vertex Normal type extrusion.

  • Change : Multip PushPull - Individual in PushPull type has been renamed to Individual Polygon

  • Change : Removed Game Object tool and Renamed Collider Object to New UModecler in Misc group.

  • Feature : UVTool - Added Export tool to export uv outlines to .png file.

Version 2.1.0

  • Feature : Export/import button in the Preference window to export/import shortcuts and general settings as a xml format.

  • Enhancement : Collider tool - Added Assign Mesh button to assign the current mesh to the mesh collider.

  • BugFix : Ballooned gizmos when scale in transform component has been changed.

  • BugFix : Not coming back to the previous mesh immediately after canceling action by pressing ESC

Version 2.0.9

  • Feature : Added “Triangulate” in the menu

  • Enhancement : Inset tool - Enabling an inset from a hole.

  • Enhancement : UModelerizing probuilder mesh. After converting, probuilder specific components are removed.

  • BugFix : Keeping Polygon mode after using Combine tool or Flatten tool.

  • BugFix : Spammed warning messages displayed while typing numbers in the inspector after transfoming/extruding.

Version 2.0.8

  • Feature : Added a new tool - Polygon Group Tool.

  • Fix : Some incorrect colors on Pro skin.

Version 2.0.7

  • Feature : Advanced menu tooltips.

  • Feature : Added Help button at the top of tools in the Inspector to show Online Manual

  • Feature : Added Color settings in Preferences. (See this)

  • Enhancement : Shortcut Settings in Preferences - Modifiers’ list box has been replaced with 3 toggle boxes (Shfit, Ctrl and Alt) (See this)

  • Documentation : 3D Cursor Tool.

  • Documentation : Pivot Tool

  • Documentation : Snap Tool

  • Fix : Material Tool - Added codes to deal with null material.

  • Fix : Error of invalid selected polygon display.

Version 2.0.6

  • Feature : New snapping - Snap to X-axis or Y-axis of the current placed points. This makes drawing a rectangle and a right angle triangle etc possible using Line Tool

  • Feature : Seamless Editing - UModeler objects in a scene can be edited seamlessly. (See this)

  • Enhancement : Edge display - Disabled showing invisible parts’ edges.

  • Fix : Added recalculating tangents (See this)

  • Fix : Z-fighting of the polygon selection mesh.

Version 2.0.51

  • Hotfix : Adding/Removing material in Material tool wreren’t allowed.

  • Hotfix : Individual edge transform holding SHIFT.

  • Hotfix : Incorrect triangle count. The former displayed triangle number was twice more than the real one.

Version 2.0.5

  • UV Editor : PBR texture preview

  • UV Editor : Keeps width/height ratio of the polygon after unwrapping.

  • UV Editor : Keeps the orientation of the polygons after unwrapping.

  • Supports the Surforge preview texture wrapped in UModeler.

  • UV Editor : 1D snapping done by transforming elements holding CTRL

  • Transform tool : 1D snapping done by transforming elements holding CTRL

  • Transform tool : Exposure of Insert Vertex property.

  • Transform Tool : Vertex splits when transforming a vertex holding SHIFT.

  • Material Tool : Improvement of displaying material preview in the list. The material with no texture is also displayed well.

  • Bevel Tool : Made the selected vertices/edges/polygons visible at the beginning of Beveling.

  • Vertex Color Tool has been added.

  • The Color tool has been renamed to Polygon Color Tool.

  • Grid Setup : 0.0315, 0.0625 grid size have been added to Popular Grid Size