UModeler 2020

Version 2.7.27f7 - Dec.31.2020

  • Fix : Fixed Null Reference Exception after being loaded, which caused with the codes added in 2.7.26f6

Version 2.7.27f6 - Dec.29.2020

  • Assets : Includes the LOST TEMPLE demo pack.

  • Fix : Fixed the Loop Select tool not working on a cap polygon such as a top disk polygon of a cylinder etc.

  • Fix : Fixed UVs in UV Editor after UModeler objects are combined using Combine Tool.

  • Fix : Fixed incorrect texts in Preference window and Tooltip in the Polygon Color tool.

  • Fix : Fixed CTRL and SHIFT key behaviours in UV elements selection. Holding CTRL excludes the existing selection. Holding SHIFT adds the new selections.

  • Feature : Added Diagnose All UModeler Objects menu item.

  • Feature : Added Repair All Corrupt UModeler Objects menu item.

Version 2.7.27 - Dec.8.2020

  • Assets : Includes the LOST TEMPLE demo pack.

  • Feature : Space Horizontally and Space Vertically tools have been added in the Quick Transform group in UV Editor.

  • Feature : Bake as .Prefab has been added. It makes .prefab file after removing UModeler component.

  • Enhancement : Export Unit has been added in Export Tool. mm and cm as well as m are supported.

  • Enhancement : Export Face Type has been added in Export Tool. Quads and Polygons as well as Triangles are supported.

  • Fix : Fixed Rotation value in Transform component not being able to have below 0 and above 360.

  • Fix : Fixed the abnormally big vertex indicators in the Prefab view.

  • Fix : Fixed an issue where UModeler toolbar location is to one side not the center of top of the scene view in the Isolation Mode.

Version 2.7.26f4 - Nov.16.2020

  • Hotfix : Fixed unexpected triangulation and mesh disappearing caused in the new Byte Stream Mesh feature.

Version 2.7.26f3 - Nov.9.2020

  • Assets : Includes the NEON CITY demo pack.

  • Fix : Fixed an issue where UV2 for lightmap wasn’t generated due to the invalid default UV2 param in Preference.

  • Fix : Fixed unwarpped UV disappearing, after being mirrored using the Mirror Tool.

  • Fix : Fixed unwrapped UV disappearing, after Remove Doubles being applied and Undoing or Duplication by Ctrl+D

  • Fix : Fixed Loop Slice tool bug where some polygons or loop edges disappeared.

  • Enhancement : Export Tool - Supports exporting Multiple UModeler Objects to one .obj file.

  • Enhancement : Supports the Byte Stream Mesh to reduce the .unity file size and file diff, and improves the performance of saving/loading a scene and switching between Play and Edit mode.

  • Enhancement : Eraser Tool - Vertex deletion connects two adjacent vertices. It removed the polygon which contains the vertex before.

  • Enhancement : The Rect Gizmo in the UV Editor supports the proportionate scaling holding SHIFT.

  • Enhancement : Pinch property in Loop Slice tool has been added.

  • Feature : Added Mirror Object Tool which duplicates and mirrors the selected UModeler Object.

Version 2.7.25f4 - Oct.27.2020

  • Assets : Includes the Pastel Town Demo pack.

  • Hotfix : Fixed UV2 for lightmap not being unwrapped by ensuring that Unwrap params for lightmap are always valid.

  • Hotfix : Fixed unnecessary edges creation when multiple polygons are inset using the Inset Tool with Group setting.

  • Hotfix : Fixed smoothing groups not working in Mirror mode.

  • Hotfix : Fixed null reference error happening when more than 2 vertices in a polygon are removed with the Eraser tool.

Version 2.7.25 - Oct.16.2020

  • Assets : Includes the Pastel Town Demo pack exclusively on UModeler 2.7.25.

  • Fix : Fixed redundant polygons on the mirror plane in the Mirror mode.

  • Fix : Fixed UV Editor bug where a texture in the UV Edior isn’t clear in HDRP

  • Fix : Fixed Bevel tool bug where Profile param doesn’t work as Width param is too small.

  • Fix : Fixed the icon button layout being broken in the inspector.

  • Fix : Fixed the editor pause for a while when switching a tool when UModeler mesh has lots of polygons.

  • Fix : Fixed a bug where polygons behind the camera are selected by the rectangle selection.

  • Fix : Fixed a stack overflow issue happening at the beginning of UModeler.

  • Enhancement : Eraser Tool - Supports removing an edge shared by two triangles which are not coplanar.

  • Enhancement : The edge mode of the Bridge Tool - Preserves UVs and Smoothing groups after bridging two edges.

  • Enhancement : The polygon mode of the Bridge Tool - Improved briding the two facing polygons.

  • Enhancement : Improved the editable mesh architecture to increase the editing performance.

Version 2.7.24 - Sep.17.2020

  • Assets : Provides The Island Village Demo pack exclusively on UModeler 2.7.24.

  • Feature : Added Vertex Connection and Edge Connection functions in Vertex/Edge Tools.

  • Feature : Added 3D cursor window with some helper buttons so that positions can be typed and pivot position can move to 3d cursor etc.

  • Feature : Added Refresh Object Tool in Misc Group to refresh the selected UModeler objects not the whole objects in a scene.

  • Enhancement : Enhanced V Snap so that the V snapping can be started from a non-selected vertex by dragging.

  • Enhancement : Moved the entire UV by pressing F key as no UV elements are selected.

  • Enhancement : Enabled 3D cursor to be moved in Object Mode.

  • Enhancement : Added X button to the Status Window.

  • Enhancement : Made it possible to change the pivot position by selecting an element holding SHIFT.

  • Fix : Fixed Null Exception Error in Unity 5.6.7 regarding Prefab.

  • Fix : Fixed smoothing groups not being preserved after a part of UModeler is detached or combined with others.

Version 2.7.23f2 - Aug.26.2020

  • Hotfix - Improved Refresh All function so that it ensuers 100% fix of broken UV2 for lightmap all the time

Version 2.7.23 - Aug.20.2020

  • Fixed Distance parameter in the inspector not working in Vertex/Edge/Polygon tools.

  • Fixed broken UV2 for lightmap not being restored by Refresh All.

  • Fixed the scene switch function by pressing Shift + Space not working in UModeler editor mode.

  • Added deselecting the elements within the selection box by Ctrl + LMB Drag.

Version 2.7.22 - Aug.6.2020

  • Fixed non-UModeler object jump issue happening when it is selected with World Grid Snap enabled.

  • Added Bake Position button in Misc/Bake Transform Tool. This makes the position zero and applies the difference to each vertex position.

  • Modified Bake All behaviour in Misc/Bake Transform Tool. It used set the pivot to the center of AABB. Now it set the pivot to (0,0,0).

  • Fixed the error message in Prefab Window when the prefab object is a non-umodeler object and has a UModeler object as a child.

  • Fixed a broken UVs when a concave polygon gets unwrapped using Plane Unwrap Tool.

  • Handled the Prefab window dirty flag issue. Only dirty flag is marked when the UModeler prefab object doesn’t have an asset file.

Version 2.7.21 - July.30.2020

  • Fixed the menu type setting like Icon/Text based menu not being restored in some cases.

  • Fixed the Move Snap Size in Settings window not being resotred.

  • Fixed UModeler object jumps with World Grid Snap enabled when the parent object is transformed.

  • Fixed Unity gizmo disappearing in Object mode when being undone.

  • Fixed creating a broken box when Scale in Trasnform component isn’t (1,1,1)

  • Fixed a lag and rapid memory growth issue caused by redundant RefreshAll calling when a parent UModeler object with many child UModeler objects gets selected.

  • Fixed an issue where a dirty flag is marked just when UModeler object being selected and it caused redundant source control diffs.

  • Fixed the Fit tool issue in UV Editor where the selected UV islands weren’t fitted in (0,0)-(1,1) range.

  • Fixed the UV layout Export bug where the exported .png has an artifact.

  • Fixed the shadow disappearing bug when there is an empty UModeler object in a scene.

Version 2.7.20 - July.20.2020

  • Fixed PushPull bug where some newly created polygons were turned over in a specific cases.

  • Fixed a tooltip issue where raw html tags are exposed just after UModeler package is loaded in a project.

  • Allowed both Shift key and Ctrl key to select multple elements. The difference is that holding Ctrl for box selection doesn’t work anymore like Unity’s Ctrl box selection.

Version 2.7.19 - July.3.2020

  • Fixed UV param reset bug where primitive shapes are created on a polygon.

  • Fixed a bug where icon size gets bigger when Archimatix is installed in the project.

  • Fixed a bug where a polygon which is being transformed with the move gizmo by dragging jumps when the cursor gets out of the scene view.

  • Made the current menu type(Icon or Text based menu) maintained even after unity is restarted.

Version 2.7.18 - June.24.2020

  • Enhanced the UModeler status window. Now it’s a movable floating window.

  • Added a new toggle called Invisible in Local Settings. If on, the UModeler object isn’t visible in Play Mode. This will be useful if a trigger or collider object is needed.

  • Allowed Polybrush to edit UModeler mesh.

Version 2.7.17 - June.15.2020

  • Fix : Fixed an issue where Prefab UModeler object in Project shouldn’t have children objects.

  • Fix : Fixed a bug where UModeler meshes disappear after returning the edit mode from the play mode.

  • Fix : Fixed a bug where UModeler meshes disappear due to setting the incorrect bound box to a renderable mesh.

Version 2.7.16 - June.9.2020

  • Fix : Fixed a bug where Scene changes happen whenever UModeler object being selected due to latestID in UModeler class increasing.

  • Fix : Fixed a bug where mesh id changes even though umodeler doesn’t change when being refreshed all.

  • Fix : Fixed an issue where a child object jumps as polygons are added to the parent empty UModeler object by1 creating a primitive shape like box, cone, stair etc.

  • Fix : Fixed an issue where vertex/polygon cube overlays are not displayed in Prefab Mode.

  • Fix : Fixed an issue where overlapped edges were not selected as expected in Edge Tool.

Version 2.7.15 - June.2.2020

  • Improvement : Made the prefab with UModeler more reliable. Propagating changes of an UModeler prefab instance works in most cases.

  • Fix : Fixed a bug where UI layout is messed up in Material Tool when undoing a material slot being added.

  • Change : Added a shortcut to move 3D cursor to the selected elements’ pivot. The default one is Ctrl + Shift + 3.

  • Change : Enabled textures to be display repeatedly in UV Editor. Tex X Num and Tex Y Num params have been added in UV Editor settings.

Version 2.7.14 - May.27.2020

  • Feature : Added Pivot and Center toggle for the pivot settings in UV Editor

  • Feature : Added focusing on the selected elements by pressing F

  • Feature : Added vertex position overlay display in Settings.

  • Feature : Added a new button called Move Cursor to move the 3D cursor to the selected elements pivot position.

  • Fix : Added the scroll bar to the Preference window.

  • Fix : Fixed an issue of too small or big gizmo size according to Camera FOV

  • Fix : Fixed a bug where the mirror plane doesn’t move to a vertex as it is selected with LMB down in Mirror Tool.

  • Fix : Fixed a bug where the mirror plane arrow isn’t picked by LMB down.

  • Tweak : Removed Ignore item in Boundary property in Mirror tool.

Version 2.7.13 - May.19.2020

  • Feature : Added shortcuts for moving snap type back and forth. Ctrl + Shift + Left Arrow and Right Arrow.

  • Feature : Added shortcuts for moving move snap size back and forth. Ctrl + Shift + Up Arrow and Down Arrow.

  • Feature : Added shortcuts for moving snap type of UV editor back and forth. Ctrl + Shift + Left Arrow and Right Arrow.

  • Feature : Added shortcuts for moving move snap size back and forth in UV Editor. Ctrl + Shift + Up Arrow and Down Arrow.

  • Feature : Added World Grid Snap in UV Editor

  • Feature : Added V Snap for UV Editor

  • Improvement : Made the settings window resized to be fitted with the listed settings items.

  • Fix : Fixed a bug where the selected polygons are gone when selecting a UModeler object after exiting UV tool by deselecting all.

  • Fix : Fixed a duplicated UModeler object issue where the original mesh and the duplicated mesh are coupled.

  • Fix : Fixed a polygon color tool issue where polygon selection by a color didn’t work.

  • Fix : Fixed a bug where the selected polygons disappear when re-entering UModeler editor mode just after exiting from UV tool by clicking on an empty space in Hierarchy window.

Version 2.7.12 - May.12.2020

  • Feature : Enabled the Settings popup window to be a dockable window

  • Feature : Custom grid snap size and rotation snap size have been supported.

  • Feature : New UI for managing custom grid and rotation snap size has been added to both the Settings and the UV Editor Settings.

  • Feature : Generate UVs property in Element tools has been added instead of Reset UVs property because resetting UVs isn’t right behaviour.

  • Feature : Added Floor Height property in tools of Drawing group and Primitive Shapes group.

  • Feature : Added Default Material in the Preference so that users can set a default material that they wish to use.

  • Improvement : Changed the snap type combox box to a grid UI.

  • Improvement : Snap To Vertex property in Vertex/Edge/Polygon tools has been removed. It has been replaced to V Snapping.

  • Improvement : Reset UVs property in Element tools has been removed.

  • Fix : Fixed a bug where UModeler objects get shifted when all of them are selected while World Grid Snap is enabled.

  • Fix : Fixed a coupling issue between Default UV Param in Preference and UV param in UV tool.

  • Fix : Fixed an issue where a rather wide UModeler mesh sometimes disappears depending on where the camera is viewing.

Version 2.7.11 - May.5.2020

  • Fixed a freezing issue happening when UModeler object gets selected.

  • Fixed UModeler mesh disappearing with many error messages when entering the play mode.

  • Fixed a prefab issue happening in a untitled scene

Version 2.7.10 - April.27.2020

  • Feature : Added V Vertex Snapping

Version 2.7.9 - April.15.2020

  • Fix : Fixed an issue where duplicated UModeler objects shared meshes

  • Fix : Fixed a material issue where new assigned materials of UModeler prefab objects returned to the default ones.

  • Fix : Fixed a bug where UModeler mesh disappeared when it is selected after Lightmap Static in Local Settings is toggled on/off with multiple selected UModeler objects.

  • Fix : Fixed an issue where X axis corresponded with Depth param and Y axis corresponded with Width param in Rectangle, Box, Room and Stair tools.

  • Enhancement : Exposed an icon for UModelerizing on the toolbar in the scene view only when non-umodeler objects with mesh filters are selected.

  • Enhancement : Added UModelerlize item to the GameObject menu and the popup menu in the hierarchy window.

Version 2.7.8 - April.7.2020

  • Fix : Fixed an issue of UV Default parameters for UV Tool.

  • Fix : Fixed a bug where helper arrows and planes in Multiple PushPull and Mirror tool are affected by transform’s scale and rotation

  • Fix : Fixed a bug where UModelerized meshes disappear when they are selected.

  • Change : Allows 3D cursor to be snapped to the center of edge and polygon by moving a gizmo holding LMB

Version 2.7.7 - March.31.2020

  • Enhancement : Added UV Tool default parameters to Preference. Shift, Rotation, Scale parameter in UV Tool are reset based on them.

  • Enhancement : Added [Create Smoothing Groups as UModelerize]. If it is enabled, smoothing groups will be created when UModelerlizing.

  • Fix : Wrong Settings windows location while Multiple Scene views are opened.

  • Fix : Fixed an issue where a shape created with One-Click Build wasn’t affected by World Grid Snap.

  • Fix : Fixed a bug where a primitive shape object went away when undoing/redoing.

Version 2.7.6 - March.26.2020

  • Fix : Fixed a bug where object highlight is invisible after UModeler component is removed.

  • Fix : Fixed UModeler mesh disappearing when multiple UModeler objects are deleted and undone and one of them are selected.

  • Fix : Fixed an issue where the created UModeler object by redoing wasn’t selected so more redoing didn’t work.

  • Fix : Fixed a bug where a mesh isn’t rendered when a UModeler component is added to the empty game object and create some primitive shapes.

  • Improvement : Warning message is displayed when Rotate and Scale gizmo are invisible because the 3D cursor is away from the current camera view.

Version 2.7.5 - March.16.2020

  • Feature : Added Auto layout tool to UV Editor to enable multiple selected polygons to be unwrap using Auto layout at once.

  • Enhancement : Added “Select Only Visible” property to the 18 following tools.

  • Drawing Group - Line, Arc, Rectangle, Disk, Side Stair, Parallel

  • Primitive Shapes Group - Box, Room, Stair, Cylinder, Cone, Spiral Stair, Sphere, Capsule

  • Add Group : PushPull, Inset, Clone

  • Remove Group : Eraser

  • Enhancement : Now while “Select Only Visible” property is on, backfaced polygons can’t be selected.

  • Enhancement : Refresh All button has been exposed in the toolbar.

  • Fix : Fixed a bug where Unity gizmo disappeared when 3D cursor button is clicked.

  • Fix : Fixed an issue where two cube cursors were displayed in Cylinder, Cone and Capsule Tools

  • Fix : Fixed a bug where children objects were moved when the parent UModeler object pivot was changed.

  • Fix : Fixed an issue where Polygon tool was forced to be selected after Settings icons were toggled.

Version 2.7.4 - March.10.2020

  • Fix : Fixed an issue where the size of box overlay for selection representation changed abruptly when you move a mouse between the game view and the scene view on play mode.

  • Feature : Implemented Smoothing group generation when UModelerizing considering polygon’s adjacency and normals.

Version 2.7.3 - March.6.2020

  • Feature : Added a module to collect usability data using Google analyst.

  • Feature : Added focusing on selected elements pressing ‘F’ in UV Editor

  • Fix : Fix an issue where UV Editor camera isn’t located at the center of the view, which causes unwrapped polygons with autolayout being out of the center of the view.

  • Fix : Fix a bug where edges in too small UModeler mesh aren’t selected correctly.

  • Fix : Fix an issue where the Settings window is occluded by the global axis when the scene view is too narrow.

  • Fix : Allowed minus scale values in UV Tool so that up-side down UVs can be reset by pressing Reset UVs button.

Version 2.7.2 - Feb.25.2020

  • Fix : Fixed issues in font, size and position of Commentary box on Unity 2019.3

  • Fix : Added shortcuts of 3D cursor(SHIFT+A) and Settings(SHIFT+W).

  • Fix : Fixed a pivot of rotation and scale gizmos when 3D cursor is enabled.

  • Fix : Made unwrapped polygons’ uvs not transformed in UV Tool.

  • Fix : Fixed an auto layout issue where a polygon is unwrapped with the same density as the adjacent one which has been already unwrapped.

  • Fix : Fixed an auto layout issue where the first unwrapped polygon is too big. Now it is re-scaled so that it is fit in the UV Editor view size.

Version - Jan.30.2020

  • Fix : Fixed an issue where Transform properties in the inspector have different looks from the original ones.

Version - Jan.29.2020

  • Fix : Fixed an issue related to upside down material UVs.

Version 2.7.1 - Jan.28.2020

  • Enhancement : Allowed minus thickness of Room tool

  • Enhancement : Allowed Flip Tool in Object mode, which enables flipping all polygons at once.

  • Enhancement : Added Increment Snap. Now None, World Grid Snap and Increment Snap are available.

  • Fix : Fixed an issue that a Prefab icon in the project window would change quickly

  • Fix : Fixed an issue regarding editing UModeler in Prefab mode

  • Fix : UV reset bug when vertex/edge/polygons being transformed by adding [Reset UVs] property.

  • Fix : Fixed a bug where UModeler prefab instance would disappear when a prefab is placed in a level by dragging.

  • Fix : Fixed an issue where child UModeler objects would get invisible when its parent prefab is instanced.

  • Fix : Made a mesh collider up to date whenever UModeler mesh changes.

Version 2.7.0 - Jan.7.2020

  • Fix : Fixed InvalidCastException in TPUModelerEditor.BaseTool.Properties[T]

  • Fix : Fixed bug where a material assigned by dragging gets back to the previous one when entering play mode.

  • Fix : Fixed bug where .obj file exported from UModeler has floating number with commas for separating decimals in Russian locale.

  • Enhancement : Enabled Grid snap to be done along each X, Y, Z.

  • Enhancement : Improved Autolayout so that the current double-clicked polygon can be stitched next to the just previous selected polygon.