Weld Tools


Since Ver 2.2 Collapse Tool has been renamed to Weld Tool which are divided into 3 tools. Weld To First, Weld To Ave and Weld to Last.

Weld To First Icon_UVEditor_WeldAndBreak_WeldToFirst

Merges the selected UVs to the first UV position.

UModeler_UVEditor_Weld_0 UModeler_UVEditor_Weld_1

Weld To Ave Icon_UVEditor_WeldAndBreak_WeldToAverage

Merges the selected UVs to the avearage pos of the selected UVs.

UModeler_UVEditor_Weld_0 UModeler_UVEditor_Weld_2

Weld To Last Icon_UVEditor_WeldAndBreak_WeldToLast

Merges the selected UVs to the last UV.

UModeler_UVEditor_Weld_0 UModeler_UVEditor_Weld_3