Transform Tools


From left to right Move Tool, Rotation Tool, Scale Tool and Rectangle Tool

If elements like UV, Edge or Polygon are selected, the corresponding gizmo of the current transform tool is displayed at the center of the elements. You can transform the selected elements using these gizmos.


Separate Transfoming - Usually transforming elements affects the adjacent polygons. It means that all overlapped UVs will be transformed together. However holding SHIFT will make you transform elements separately. Even though several UVs occupied the same position, only one UV will be affected.


Move Gizmo


Rotation Gizmo


Scale Gizmo


Rectangle Gizmo - You can scale the selected elements by dragging the small blue boxes on the rectangle.


Scaling while keeping the ratio of the initial width and height holding Shift.

Element Tools


UV, Edge, Polygon and UV Island Tool from left to right.


UV - A point. Two edges meet at one UV.


Edge - Two connected UVs.


Polygon - A flat closed shape which consists of n-UVs and n-edges


UV Island - A set of polygons


Overlapped Edges - An edge in uv space can be overlapped the other edge in 3D space so it will be helpful to display the overlapped edges of the selected edges to make it easiser to edit UVs. Therefore The overlapped edges are displayed as green edges.

Settings and Cursor


Settings and Cursor



No snap.

World Snap

Every vertex position will be snapped to the world grid. Grid size is decided via Grid Snap Size

Increment Snap

Movement and rotation will be done by Grid Snape Size and Rotation Snap Size.

Pixel Snap

Every vertex position will be snapped to the pixel grid. There are two types of the pixel position, Center and Corner. See the demo video at here.

Grid Snap Size

This defines how many size the UVs move whenever they are dragged or translated by the gizmo.

Rotation Snap Size

This defines how many degree the UVs are rotated whenever a mouse is dragged on the rotation gizmo.

Show Island Boundary

Displays UV Island boundary rectangles.

Fill Polygons

Fills UV polygons with transparent blue.

Show Axes

Shows the principal axes.

Show Texture

Displays the current texture on the working area.

Show All Polygons

Displays all polygons no matter what materials they have.

Material List

A material list of the selected object.



Displays Cross Cursor, which is used as a pivot of transformation, flip, 90 rotation etc. It can be moved by dragging. While moving it is snapped to a close point.

Pivot Settings


Select either Center or Pivot as the pivot position of the selected elements. Center is the middle position of the selected elements, and Pivot is the position of the last selected elements.