Sew Tools


Sew and Move/Sew tools will work with one of the following conditions.
  1. Two groups of edges are selected.

  2. One group of edges are selected and the correspoinding overlapped edges exist.

Sew Icon_UVEditor_WeldAndBreak_Sew

Attaches UVs along the selected borders, but does not move them together.

UModeler_UVEditor_Sew_5 UModeler_UVEditor_Sew_4

UModeler_UVEditor_Sew_2 UModeler_UVEditor_Sew_1

Move/Sew Icon_UVEditor_WeldAndBreak_MoveSew

Move/Sew combines separate UV islands along their selected border edges by moving the first selected UV island to the other selected UV island and merging the selected edges together so that one UV island results. This tool is useful for quickly joining together separate UV islands.

UModeler_UVEditor_Sew_5 UModeler_UVEditor_Sew_3

UModeler_UVEditor_Sew_2 UModeler_UVEditor_Sew_0