There are two ways of running UVEditor as follows.

  • Select Tools > UModeler > Open UVEditor in the upper menu or

  • Click on Open UVEditor in Surface group on the UModeler inspector.


UVEditor with a UV map

The UVEditor looks like the upper image and consists of three areas.

  1. Toolbar - Most frequently used tools. 4 gizmos (Move, Rotate, Scale, Box), 4 elements (UV, Edge, Polygon, UV Island) and, Settings and Cursor icons from left to right.

  2. Menu - All tools’ icons are located here.

  3. Property - Properties of the current tool.

  4. Working Area - This is used for viewing and editing the UVs.

Automatic UV and Manual UV

The polygons created in UModeler basically have UVs, which have tiling charactericstic, generated automatically based on position and normal of each vertex. From UModeler 2.0 those UVs can be unwrapped and edited manually using UVEditor. Both types of UVs can exist in one mesh at the same time.

Auto Layout

LMB Double click on a polygon to automatically unwrap and stitch it. This is a very handy way of unwrapping polygons.


Auto Layout

Icon or Text based menu

When you press RMB, the pop up menu will be brought up as below. You can switch the menu between icon-based and text-based there.




Translate Gizmo


Rotate Gizmo


Scale Gizmo


Rect Gizmo






Separate Transform

Holding CTRL

Subtracts selection

Holding SHIFT

Adds selection

Holding Alt or Cmd

Camera panning


Focuses on the selected elements

Getting Started

  1. ../_images/UModeler_UVEditor_GettingStarted_0.jpg

    Create a box using Box Tool

  2. ../_images/UModeler_UVEditor_GettingStarted_1.jpg

    Go to Tools > UModeler > UV Editor at the top menu of the editor or, select UV Tool and press UV Editor button.

  3. ../_images/UModeler_UVEditor_GettingStarted_2.jpg

    Select three polygons visible from the camera.

  4. ../_images/UModeler_UVEditor_GettingStarted_3.jpg

    Click on Plane Unwrap Tool (Icon_UVEditor_Unwrap_PlaneViewUnwrap) in UV Editor.

  5. ../_images/UModeler_UVEditor_GettingStarted_4.jpg

    Press Unwrap button in Properties window. Then you can check out that the selected polygons are unwrapped.

  6. ../_images/UModeler_UVEditor_GettingStarted_5.jpg

    Select Move Tool and Polygon Tool on the toolbar and move a unwrapped polygon using the gizmo in UV Editor.