Cube Unwrap Tool Icon_UVEditor_Unwrap_CubeUnwrap

Begin by selecting all polygons to be unwrapped in the 3D view. With our polyons selected, it is now time to unwrap them. In the UVEditor inspector, select Unwrap > Cube and click on Unwrap button. Cube mapping projects a mesh onto six separate planes, creating six UV islands.



Margin size


The space between UV Islands.

Keep Size

If true, UV size is propotional to the size of the selected polygon. If false, UV sizes of the selected polygons when being unwrapped are identical.

Separate All

If on, each polygon will be a UV island. If not, each connected polygon group will be a UV Island.


Unwrap the selected polygon in 3D Scene view.


Unfolding polygons consisting of a sphere using Cube Unwrap Tool