All/None Selection

All Selection - Vertex Icon_UVEditor_Selection_AllSelectVertex Edge Icon_UVEditor_Selection_AllSelectEdge Polygon Icon_UVEditor_Selection_AllSelectPolygon

When nothing is selected, all elements will be selected as soon as All Selection button is clicked.

None Selection Icon_UVEditor_Selection_NoneSelect

This button makes all selected elements unselected so that nothing will be selected.

UModeler_AllNoneSelection_5 UModeler_AllNoneSelection_4

When you click on Icon_UVEditor_Selection_AllSelectVertex button, all UVs will be selected.

UModeler_AllNoneSelection_3 UModeler_AllNoneSelection_2

When you click on Icon_UVEditor_Selection_AllSelectEdge button, all edges will be selected.

UModeler_AllNoneSelection_1 UModeler_AllNoneSelection_0

When you click on Icon_UVEditor_Selection_AllSelectPolygon button, all polygons will be selected.