Axis Flip Tool Icon_Tweak_AxisFlip


Since Ver 2.2 Flip Tool has been renamed to Axis Flip Tool.

Flips the selected polygons along its local X-, Y- or Z-Axes across the mirror plane center. This tool behaves like the Mirror tool to some degree.


  1. Select Flip Tool with the selected polygons.

  2. Adjust Axis, Distance and Invert properties to set the mirror plane. Distance can also be adjusted by dragging the arror of the mirror plane or clicking on a vertex.

  3. Click on Flip button.


Select Only Visible

Selects only visible vertices/edges/polygons from a camera. Occluded elements from other polygons will not be selected. This is available only when the game object has MeshCollider component.


Mirror plane axis


Inverts the direction of the mirror plane.


The distance of the mirror plane.


Flips the mirror plane.

UModeler_AxisFlip_1 UModeler_AxisFlip_2

Duplicatd polygons are flipped over the mirrored plane.