Export Tool Icon_Misc_Export


Exports the current UModeler mesh to a file in a specific file format. If you select multiple UModeler objects and then export as .Obj, the selected UModeler meshes will be exported as a single .Obj file.

Properties about .obj

Create Folder

A folder will be created and .OBJ and .MTL will be exported inside it

Export Material

A Material file(.MTL) will be created.

Export Vertex Colors

RGB channel is added to each vertex. This format doesn’t guarantee compatibility according to a program where .obj is loaded.

Optimize UV

Optimizes UVs to avoid duplication.

Export Unit

Meter, Centi Meter and Milli Meter units are supported.

Export Face Type

Triangles, Faces, and Polygons face types are supported.

Export to .obj

Exports the UModeler mesh to .obj


As from UModeler 2.7.26 Multiple UModeler Objects’ meshes can be exported to one .obj file.

Properties about .prefab

Export to .prefab

Exports the UModeler mesh to .prefab. Prefab is saved only in a folder under Project folder.

Bake as .prefab

Exports the UModeler mesh to .prefab with no UModeler component.