Grow Selection Tool

Expands the current selection outwards in all directions from the current selected elements.

Vertex Grow Selection Icon_Selection_IncreaseSelectVertex


Edge Grow Selection Icon_Selection_IncreaseSelectEdge


Edge Grow Tool icon

Polygon Grow Selection Icon_Selection_IncreaseSelectPolygon


Polygon Grow Tool icon


  1. Select vertices, edges or polygons.

  2. Select Grow Tool.

Properties in Settings


Grow Selection properties in Settings window.

Restrict To Angle

Enables this property to grow the selection only to those faces within a specified angle.

Max Angle

Sets the maximum angle allowed when growing the selection. UModeler ignores this property unless the Restrict to Angle property is enabled.


Enables this property to iterative the selection one adjacent element at a time, each time you press the Grow Selection button.


Grow Selection where Restrict To Angle is applied


Grow Selection where Iterative is off