Unity UModeler Manual


Village on the water modeled with only UModeler.

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Welcome to the UModeler Manual!

This is the manual of UModeler, which is the Unity extension for modeling and prototyping.


An overview of UModeler and an introduction of menu, input controls and tools.
Toolbar, Settings and Preference
UModeler’s Settings.
UModeler’s Menu.
Elements Group
All tools related to transforming vertices/edges/polygons/object.
Selection Group
The various supported tools to help you select many elements at once as you want
Drawing Group
2D polygons drawing tools in easy and intuive ways.
Primitive Shapes Group
Procecural 3D Primitive Shapes, such as Box, Room, Stair, Cylinder, Cone, Sphere and Capsule.
Add Group
Various and Powerful ways of adding elements to a shape.
Remove Group
Easy and Convinent ways of removing elements from a shape.
Tweak Group
Making a small change in a shape.
Surface Group
Tools for decorating surfaces of a shape by assigning Materials, UVs, Colors and Smoothing group IDs etc to each vertex or polygon.
Misc Group
Miscellaneous Tools.
UV Editor
Separate editor window to edit UVs using various tools, such as unwrapping, transforming UVs, alightment, flip/rotate, sew etc.
Frequently Asked Questions
Release Notes
Release Notes