Tweak Tools

Invert Face Tool

Flips the selected polygons.


Selects several polygons and flips them.

Flatten Tool

Flattens the selected polygons so that all the selected polygons will be aligned with the last polygon’s plane.

This tool is useful when you merges coplanar polygons using Combine Tool.


Projection Dir
  • Up - Y direction
  • Right - X direction
  • Forward - Z direction
  • Last Polygon - The normal direction of the last selected polygon.


In order to change properties you should select Flatten Tool without any selected elements.


Flattens a few polygons and combines them using Combine Tool.

Align Tool

Aligns the vertices of the selected elements within bounds.


  1. Select Align Tool with the selected elements, or Enter Align Tool and select vertices.
  2. Choose Axis and Location in Properties.
  3. Click on Align button.


X, Y, or Z axis for alignment.
  • Min - Minimum location of the selected axis.
  • Middle - Middle location of the selected axis.
  • Max - Maximum location of the selected axis.

Align Tool Demo.

Flip Tool

Flips the selected polygons along its local X-, Y- or Z-Axes across the mirror plane center. This tool behaves like the Mirror tool to some degree.


  1. Select Flip Tool with the selected polygons.
  2. Adjust Axis, Distance and Invert properties to set the mirror plane.
  3. Click on Flip button.


Mirror plane axis
Inverts the direction of the mirror plane.
The distance of the mirror plane.
Flips the mirror plane.

Flip Tool Demo.