Transform Tools

Vertex / Edge / Polygon tool

There are 4 types of elements you can select and transform.

  • Vertex - A point containing position, uv and color.
  • Edge - Two connected vertices.
  • Polygon - A simple polygon that can have holes.

To begin to transform elements, you have to select them at first. Which type of elements is transformed depends on what tool is selected in the inspector.


1. You can add a new selection holding CTRL and pressing LMB on an element.
2. Pressing W E or R changes the current gizmo like Unity.
3. Dragging a mouse from an element causes moving the element
4. If you hold SHIFT while dragging a gizmo, the selected elements are transformed separately from the adjacent polygons.
5. If you hold CTRL while dragging a translation gizmo and moving to another vertex, the selected elements’ selected axis’s value will be snapped to the vertex. This is called 1D snapping


How distant the selected elements move. This is only available as translation gizmo is enabled.
Snap To Polygon
An edge is snapped to a close polygon within a specific distance. This is only available as the edge is being translated.
Snap To Vertex
A vertex is snapped to the other close vertex within a specific distance. This is only available as the vertex is being translated.
Cursor As Pivot
Rotates the selected elements around the 3D cursor.
Move To Cursor
Moves the current selected elements to the 3D cursor position.
Insert Vertex
Inserts a vertex to an adjacent edge to avoid T-junction.

Selecting and transforming elements.


Transforming elements holding SHIFT.


Snap To Polygon property Demo.


1D Snapping holding CTRL


Insert Vertex property demo.

Object tool

Object mode. You can select and transform an object.

3D Cursor tool

Sets a position of 3D cursor, which is used as a pivot of transfoming or target position or anything, by clicking on a blue box or dragging a translation gizmo.


The 3D Cursor can be enabled via Settings / Display / Cursor in the inspector.

3D Cursor Tool Demo

Pivot tool

Sets a position of a pivot of the current object by clicking on a blue box or dragging a translation gizmo.

Pivot Tool Demo


Candidate Set
  • Bound Box - Position set coming from the bound box.
  • Polygon - Position set coming from the vertices from the polygons.

Snap tool

Moves a polygon to the specific position. This tool can be used to set a profile polygon for Follow Tool.


Flips the selected polygon horizontally.
LMB Down
Selects a position.
Goes back to the previous step or exits the Snap tool.



Flips the polygon horizontally.


Snap Tool Demo