Selection Group


Selection tools responds immediately to clicking on a button of each tool.

All/None Tool

If there are any selected elements, they will be unselected. Otherwise, all elements will be selected.


  1. Click on All/None Tool button.

All/None Selection Demo

Isolated Tool

Selects geometry connected to already selected elements. This is often useful when a mesh has disconnected but overlapping parts


  1. Select Isloated Tool with any elements selected.

Isolated Selection Demo

Loop Tool

Edge Loop

Selects a loop of edges that are connected in a line end to end.

Quad Loop

Serial quad polygons across a mesh will be selected in a direction of the first two selected quad.


Edge Loops and Quad Loops

Hole Selection

If the selected edge is a part of a hole, all the edges of the holes will be selected.


  1. Select an edge if you want Edge Loops or Hole Selection. Select two series quad polygons if you want Quad Loops.
  2. Select Loop Tool.

Hole edge selection.

Ring Tool

Edge Ring

Selects a sequence of edges that are not connected, but on opposite sides to each other continuing along a face loop

Quad Ring

Lets you select several polygons across a mesh without having to select each polygon individually.


  1. If you want Edge Rings select an edge using Edge tool. If you want Quad Rings select two series quad polygons.
  2. Select Ring Tool.

Edge Rings and Quad Rings

Invert Tool

The selection will be inverted. It means the selected ones will get deselected and the deselected ones will get selected.


  1. Select vertices, edges or a polygons.
  2. Select Invert Tool.

Edge Rings and Quad Rings

Increase Tool

Expands the current selection outwards in all directions from the current selected elements.


  1. Select vertices, edges or a polygons.
  2. Select Increase Tool.

Increase selection tool demo.