UModeler 2.0


Version 2.1.1

  • Feature : Edge/Polygon Tranform - Added Extrusion fuctions holding SHIFT. (See this)
  • Enhancement : Vertex/Edge/Polygon Selection - Added Select only visible property to selects non occluded elements from a camera. (See this)
  • Enhancement : Multi PushPull - Changed a helper line to an arrow.
  • Enhancement : Multi PushPull - Added One step push/pull. (See this)
  • Enhancement : Multi PushPull - Added Vertex Normal type extrusion. (See this)
  • Tweak : Multip PushPull - Individual in PushPull type has been renamed to Individual Polygon
  • Tweak : Removed Game Object tool and Renamed Collider Object to New UModeler in Misc group.
  • Feature : UVTool - Added Export tool to export uv outlines to .png file. (See this)

Version 2.1.0

  • Feature : Export/import button in the Preference window to export/import shortcuts and general settings as a xml format.
  • Enhancement : Collider tool - Added Assign Mesh button to assign the current mesh to the mesh collider.
  • BugFix : Ballooned gizmos when scale in transform component has been changed.
  • BugFix : Not coming back to the previous mesh immediately after canceling action by pressing ESC

Version 2.0.9

  • Feature : Added “Triangulate” in the menu
  • Enhancement : Inset tool - Enabling an inset from a hole.
  • Enhancement : UModelerizing probuilder mesh. After converting, probuilder specific components are removed.
  • BugFix : Keeping Polygon mode after using Combine tool or Flatten tool.
  • BugFix : Spammed warning messages displayed while typing numbers in the inspector after transfoming/extruding.

Version 2.0.8

  • Feature : Added a new tool - Polygon Group Tool. (See this)
  • Fix : Some incorrect colors on Pro skin.

Version 2.0.7

  • Feature : Advanced menu tooltips.
  • Feature : Added Help button at the top of tools in the Inspector to show Online Manual
  • Feature : Added Color settings in Preferences. (See this)
  • Enhancement : Shortcut Settings in Preferences - Modifiers’ list box has been replaced with 3 toggle boxes (Shfit, Ctrl and Alt) (See this)
  • Documentation : 3D Cursor Tool (See this)
  • Documentation : Pivot Tool (See this)
  • Documentation : Snap Tool (See this)
  • Fix : Material Tool - Added codes to deal with null material.
  • Fix : Error of invalid selected polygon display.

Version 2.0.6

  • Feature : New snapping - Snap to X-axis or Y-axis of the current placed points. This makes drawing a rectangle and a right angle triangle etc possible using Line tool (See this)
  • Feature : Seamless Editing - UModeler objects in a scene can be edited seamlessly. (See this)
  • Enhancement : Edge display - Disabled showing invisible parts’ edges.
  • Fix : Added recalculating tangents (See this)
  • Fix : Z-fighting of the polygon selection mesh.

Version 2.0.51

  • Hotfix : Adding/Removing material in Material tool wreren’t allowed.
  • Hotfix : Individual edge transform holding SHIFT.
  • Hotfix : Incorrect triangle count. The former displayed triangle number was twice more than the real one.

Version 2.0.5

  • UV Editor : PBR texture preview
  • UV Editor : Keeps width/height ratio of the polygon after unwrapping.
  • UV Editor : Keeps the orientation of the polygons after unwrapping.
  • Supports the Surforge preview texture wrapped in UModeler.
  • UV Editor : 1D snapping done by transforming elements holding CTRL
  • Transform tool : 1D snapping done by transforming elements holding CTRL
  • Transform tool : Exposure of Insert Vertex property.
  • Transform tool : Vertex splits when transforming a vertex holding SHIFT.
  • Material tool : Improvement of displaying material preview in the list. The material with no texture is also displayed well.
  • Bevel Tool : Made the selected vertices/edges/polygons visible at the beginning of Beveling.
  • Vertex Color Tool has been added.
  • The Color tool has been renamed to Polygon Color tool.
  • Grid Setup : 0.0315, 0.0625 grid size have been added to Popular Grid Size

Version 2.0.0

  • UV Editor has been added. See UV Editor
  • Properties in the inspector is displayed under the group of the selected tool.
  • Added the clone of the selected polygons.
  • FreezeXForm Tool - Renamed to Bake Transform and divided it into Scale and Rotation.
  • Added generating Lightmap UVs in Local Settings Tool under Misc group in the inspector.
  • Arrange UV Islands menu item has been added in UModeler tool menu.
  • Made a new UModeler game object created under the parent object when clicking on “Game Object” or “Collider Object” button.
  • Grid Size field has been added to Settings/Snap to make it possible to specify any grid size.
  • Mirror Tool - Now you can move the mirror plane by LMB Drag over the arrow of the mirror plane.
  • Flip Tool has been added in Tweak group.
  • Align Tool has been added in Tweak group.
  • UV Tool - Added moving UVs by pressing Up or Down arrow keys holding CTRL.
  • Combine Tool - Pressing SPACE will combine the selected vertices in Combine Tool.
  • Vertex/Edge/Polygon Tool - 1D Snapping has been added. It works by moving a cursor to another vertex holding CTRL while dragging the translation gizmo.
  • Vertex/Edge/Polygon Tool - Insert Vertex property has been added.
  • Tweak - PushPull Tool : Renamed Draw Edges property to Continuous.
  • Tweak - Multiple PushPull button has been added. see Push/Pull Tools
  • Tweak - Cut Tool : Made Cutting direction flipped by pressing SPACE while LMB Dragging
  • Tweak - Backface Tool : Renamed to Local Settings
  • Tweak - Copy Tool : Renamed to Duplicate Tool
  • Tweak - Game Object and Collider Object buttons have been moved to Misc group.
  • Bugfix - Not displaying triangulation result has been fixed.
  • Bugfix - Spotty lightmap bug has been fixed.